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Why agencies are hiring offshore graphic designers

Paradise Design

Offshoring is not just for call centers and manufacturing anymore. Global agencies are outsourcing services such as graphic design. In the Amnet State of the Market 2020 survey of 150 global senior agency executives, over half were offshoring their design services. This trend is even more prevalent in agencies providing production and marketing services: 75% of them outsourced design services.

Visual Design: VS Creativity Visual Design
Visual Design: VS Creativity Visual Design

100% Satisfaction Rate

Were they satisfied with these offshore services? The survey found that 43% were very satisfied and 57% were satisfied with their services. That’s a 100% satisfaction rate.

Why the trend towards offshoring graphic design services? There are skilled designers in countries with much lower incomes than the west. Many of these designers make only 40% of the average graphic designer in the west.

Agencies have found that connecting the clients of the west with the designers of the east gives them a highly effective global team.

Packaging Design VS promotion pack and bag
Packaging Design VS promotion pack and bag

A global team

When a company pairs the skills of overseas designers with the demand of their clientele, it widens the firm’s profit margins. With a global team working around the clock for clients, it makes the agency much more efficient as well.

Counter Design VS BBU Shelving Design
Counter Design VS BBU Shelving Design

The survey found that the biggest concern companies have in working with overseas talent is communication. Finding fluent English speakers who are attune to global trends and culture is a key factor in ensuring the successful building of a global team.

Many companies have turned to India, the Philippines and Poland for such services. But there are many more options when it comes to finding sophisticated and creative design talent.

Taiwan is one of the most open, creative and innovative countries in Asia. Its flourishing democracy and dedicated workforce has led to a thriving economy while its wages are still lower than most countries in East Asia. Its blooming creative industry is just waiting to be tapped for global business.

Paradise Design is one of Taiwan’s top design companies. With 35 designers mastering 10,000 projects in the past 20 years, it is an excellent choice to build a global team. Paradise has served global brands in Taiwan, HK, China and throughout Asia for 20 years. It is a one-stop destination for excellent design and creative services.

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