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Successful POSM Marketing

POSM design

POSM are Point of Sales Materials. They are also called POP (Point of Purchase) displays. Many brands use them to drive in-store sales. They attract customer attention to products and ultimately inspire a purchase.

How POSM affects consumer choices

Many brands invest in POSM in hopes that it will attract consumers as they compete for customer attention in a store. Attracting a customer in-store is crucial as research shows a consumer spends only 0.7 seconds deciding whether or not to stay in front of a shelf.

With the variety of POSM in stores, how can a POSM design successfully attract customers?

There are three keys elements to a compelling and effective POSM design:

1. Disruptiveness: Attract people from afar

Use eye-catching colors, lighting, materials, and shapes to catch the consumer's eye while she is shopping from afar.

An effective POSM design will draw the attention of customers throughout the store.

2. Desirability: Make your product relevant

The theme, style, and organization of your POSM can inspire the customer to pick up your product when she walks to your shelf.

The spirit and message of the POSM should be clear. It should convey your brand’s image and help viewers understand the products.

An effective display of the product’s value and function will help customers understand why they need it and inspire a purchase.

3. Impact: Persuade the customer to buy

A POSM can play the role of a salesperson, guiding consumers to understand and experience the products. With the right design, you can successfully move the consumer to buy the product.

Some effective methods are test samples, a clear explanation of product benefits, and instructions on how to use it.

Types of POSM

What is POSM?
What is POSM?

POSM includes table displays, floor displays, stacked displays, large displays, hanging displays, promotional POP, storefront posters, floor stickers, sky hangers, and much more.

The material can be creative shelving displays that stand out and convey a strong sense of the brand’s image and spirit.

Hair Recipe POSM Design
Hair Recipe POSM Design

It can be a 3D Center like Hair Recipe above.

AHC Shelving Showcase
Shelving Diplsay Showcase

They also can be a shelving display that showcases a series of products and explain how they’re used.

BOURJOIS Unique Shelf System
Unique Shelf System

POSMs can also be designed as a unique shelf system that enables a brand’s image and products to stand out in a store.

Window Display POSM
Window Display POSM

Window displays are also a form of POSM as they attract customers outside of the store to come in.

Paradise Design is a leader in POSM design in Asia. It has been designing outstanding POSMs for global FMCG clients for the past 20 years.

Many clients have been very satisfied with Paradise’s work:

Lux Roadshow Display Design
Lux Roadshow Display Design

“The most beautiful POSM design of the season.” Albee, Unilever, Taiwan

Oral-B POP Display Design
Oral-B POP Display Design

“You presented a perfect, compelling and creative design at our first meeting.” Jenny, P&G Taiwan

Paradise Design is available to work as an offshore partner with firms around the world. For more information on how to collaborate, contact natalie(at)

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