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Packaging Design: First do it right, then do it well

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Packaging design is all around us. It’s everything from the shampoo bottle we use to the box of crackers we buy at the store. These products all have unique packaging designs. Great packaging design consists of the packaging material, package shape and other key elements.

Packaging design inspires the art of living

Packaging design is like the air we breathe. It exists all around us and is linked to everything we use. Goods from daily self-care products to the food we eat every day all have their own packaging design.

What is the essence of packaging design? Packaging design is a design of the appearance and package of a product. It includes the selection of material and choice of container, such as the shape of the box, can, or bottle. It also includes the choice of color, symbols and images on the package. The effective use of these elements will decide how attractive a packaging design is.

Package Design
Package Design

What is the purpose of packaging design?

The 4 elements of good packaging design are:

1. It explains the function of the product and how to use it

2. It explains how to keep the product

3. It attracts more customers to buy the product

4. It is environmentally conscious

Good packaging design, especially for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), can at the Point of Sales Materials (POSM) clearly convey the value of a brand and persuade the customer to purchase the product.

The design of the package should let the customer know what the product does and how effective it is. The packaging design should attract the customer visually and inspire her to purchase the product. In that way, the packaging design should increase sales. Of course being environmentally conscious is also an asset.

Gift Package design
Gift Package design

Three questions need to be answered for a successful packaging design. As a brand manager or marketing executive, answer these questions as they will lead you to create an effective design.

1. What kind of product is this?

2. Who will buy this product?

3. How will the consumer buy the product?

Let’s take a closer look at these questions.

1. What kind of product is this?

This may seem like a simple question but it addresses the main goal of packaging design. When you have a clear answer, you can design the packaging right. That doesn’t guarantee it will be break sales records but it will enable you to avoid unnecessary problems. For example, if you put shampoo in a bottle shaped like a wine bottle, the user would likely pour out too much shampoo and water could easily come into the bottle, which could lead to health issues.

This question also has 7 sub-questions:

1) How is the product used?

2) How can the packaging design assist the function and convenient use of the product?

3) How can the packaging design enhance the user’s experience with the product?

4) How can the packaging design teach the consumer how to use the product?

5) What is the expiration date of the product? How should it be kept?

6) How will the use of the product affect the environment?

7) What are the physical characteristics of the product? This includes dimensions, weight and materials.

Do packaging design right, then do it well. The effectiveness of any work is not how fast you begin but how well-prepared you are before you begin.

Gift Package Design
Gift Package Design

2. Who will buy this product?

Packaging design should attract your ideal customers so before you begin the packaging design process, you need to understand your customer.

Who is your ideal customer? Is the customer male? Female? Or can both genders use the product? Is it for children or adults? Are these customers environmentally conscious? Do they have a limited budget or a large disposable income?

Do the customers need larger print words to read it easily? Are they elderly? Does the product need special lighting in the store?

To attract high income customers who have a certain sense of taste and culture, the packaging design needs to exude fine taste and luxury. For those who love nature and organic products, the packaging design should use natural and pure materials. The use of plastic packaging could turn them off.

Gift Package Idea
Gift Package Idea

3. How will the consumer buy the product?

Will the product be sold at a drugstore, hypermarket, supermarket or online? Is the user, consumer and buyer the same person? What do each of these persons care about? What are their needs and expectations? What subconscious desires do they have that can be drawn upon?

How marketing executives can manage a successful packaging design case

Do you have clear answers to the questions? The answers will help you and the design company you have chosen to make effective decisions. If you do not have clear answers to these questions, then you are not ready to begin work on your packaging design case. Spend time thinking about the answers to these questions, then you can do packaging design right.

Paradise Design can help you answer these questions and launch a successful packaging design project. We welcome your emails. Contact us at

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