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Target your shoppers

There are many types of shoppers – people shopping for themselves, family or others. They enter a store with different motives and aims. Which shoppers do you want to reach? The better you know your target shoppers, the more precisely you can design your promotional material and packaging to attract them.

The following are common categories of shoppers. Getting to know their shopping motives will help you design a successful plan to attract them.

Personal shopper

These consumers are shopping for themselves. They will look for items that suit their particular tastes and personal needs. When you target individual shoppers, appeal to their personal style, habits, and aspirations.

Family shopper

This person is buying for the whole family or other family members. It could be a mother buying all the home’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) e.g. a variety of shampoos, soaps, shaving products that suit each family member. She knows each person well and what they need. As the family shopper, she has the most FMCG purchasing influence in her household.

How will you appeal to her? Show her the value of the product – through the packaging, the brand benefits and the special deals. Make your products visible and easy to find amidst the selection on the shelves.

Party shopper

This person may be entertaining guests in her home. She will buy food and products that her guests will enjoy. She may try to impress others with her fine taste and knowledge of her guests’ preferences. She may also need a large pack and a good deal to be able to feed many.

Gift shopper

This shopper is buying a gift for a friend, client or family member. She will consider the recipient’s needs and affinities. She will look for a presentable item and one that shows her ability to choose a gift the recipient loves. Attractive packaging adds value to the gift and could be the winning factor over other options.

Company shopper

This shopper is buying for her office. Companies need FMCG products and she will buy according to the company’s budget, needs and image. The company shopper may want to buy in bulk.

Every brand should keep their target shoppers in mind and design packaging sizes and styles to appeal to that demographic.

This feminine cherry blossom POSM design for Lux easily attracts female shoppers. The aura of this pink paradise exudes the message that these products will enhance her femininity and beauty. A female shopper or a shopper buying for women may be lured into buying Lux shampoo due to the alluring POSM design.

This Keylid POSM clearly shows their product is aimed at the elderly who need to strengthen their joints and bones. It will easily attract elderly shoppers with those needs and family shoppers buying for the elderly.

Oreos are a treat anytime of the year, but during the Mid-Autumn holiday season, the brand’s special packaging above inspires shoppers to buy Oreos as unique gifts for family gatherings or office parties. This special holiday package can easily attract family, party, and company shoppers to choose Oreos to brighten upon their Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations.

Well-designed packaging like this Vidal Sassoon box can transform a simple FMCG item like shampoo into an elegant gift. Creative and beautiful packaging like this can attract gift shoppers.

Who are your target shoppers? Designing packaging and POSMs to attract them will be a key to the success of your marketing campaign. Paradise Design has been the choice design firm for global brands for 20 years. For a free consultation about your marketing and design needs, contact natalie (at)

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