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POSM - The 1st step in attracting customers

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What is POSM?

POSM is an acronym for Point of Sale Marketing or Point of Sale Materials. These materials are designed to help brands market their products.

POSM are used in physical stores such as pharmacies, grocery stores, and department stores. They include posters, danglers, dummy Boxes, shelf branding, leaflets & leaflets dispenser, wobblers and much more.

These POSMs attract the curiosity of consumers and help communicate your brand image and what makes your products special.

POSM marketing enhances brand visibility
POSM marketing enhances brand visibility

Why brands need POSM marketing

When shoppers buy fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), they tend to have one of three mentalities: 1) brand loyalty 2) early adopter 3) price-conscious. These different attitudes mean people will look at different elements of a brand’s marketing material:

  1. Brand loyalty : logo, colors

  2. Early Adopter: new products, product functions, packaging design

  3. Price-conscious: sales, price, giveaway items

With the variety of products on the shelves, it’s difficult to capture a customer’s attention. That’s why POSMs are so important.

POSM marketing can show shoppers why your brand meets their needs and desires and induce them to purchase your products.

6 Keys to POSM Design:

What are the elements of POSM design that will draw customer attention to your product? There are six key ways that a POSM design can attract customers:

1. Colors

2. Structure

3. Shapes

4. Proportion

5. Interactivity

6. Atmosphere

Examples of effective POSMs for diapers and feminine hygiene products are samples that consumers can touch and feel. These product samples are likely to be more effective than marketing slogans as they can enable the customer to experience why your product is better than others.

A real diaper is displayed so consumers can touch and feel the product
A real diaper is displayed so consumers can touch and feel the product

Cosmetic POSMs often enlarge the mascara or lipstick products to attract customer attention. At the same time, photos of a model wearing the product effectively displays how great the product looks when used in real life.

Makeup POSM marketing shelving often use products to attract attention
Makeup POSM marketing shelving often use products to attract attention

Another key element of POSM design is the choice of color combination.

Lux shampoos often use gold and purple in their key visuals to display an image of elegance and luxury. Head & Shoulders, on the other hand, tends to use a bright contrast of blue and white. White reminds customers of the color of dandruff and is also a bright and refreshing color. These different color combinations dis play the images and messages brands want to convey as customers look for products to suit their needs.

A combination of elegant colors gives an aura of luxury

Attractive POSM designs drive purchases

People are visual beings. POSM designs are much more effective in attracting customers than just words and slogans. Attractive POSM designs will draw customer attention and enhance your brand image and awareness.

The next time you walk into a drug store or grocery store, take notice of the POSMs that attract your attention.

Paradise Design has over 20 years of experience in POSM design. For a free marketing consultation, email or click on the link below.

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