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5 FMCG 2024 Marketing Trends

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are an integral part of people’s daily lives and as people’s lifestyles change, so do their shopping and buying habits. People in a post-pandemic world are living with new rhythms, values and preferences, and this means new trends for FMCG marketing. The following are five big trends affecting the fast-moving consumer goods industry today.

1. Digital Marketing

FMCG e-commerce has been flourishing ever since the pandemic brought work and business online. Consumers have discovered the convenience of purchasing items with the touch of their hand. According to the Global Web Index, 58% of consumers prefer buying items online. This includes groceries, supplies, clothing and a wide variety of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Digital platforms such as apps, websites, and social media channels have made online purchases a new way of life for many people.

Many FMCG companies have caught onto this trend and have expanded their digital platforms. According to Deloitte, 57% of FMCG companies made big investments in direct to-consumer strategies in 2022. By 2025, global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $7.3 trillion, according to Oberlo.

Digital marketing is vital for FMCG companies today, and they will need to continue to create new marketing campaigns that include appealing designs for landing pages, interactive ads, apps, promotions and social media content. These platforms enable brands to reach customers directly and throughout their daily lives, thus multiplying the opportunities to win over new customers.

Digital ad for Vichy
SK-II Line社群
SK-II Line Social

La Roche-Posay Social Advertisement
SK-II Line社群
SK-II LineSocial

2. Connecting with Customers

FMCG companies are investing more in direct to-consumer strategies to deepen the ways they engage with consumers. According to Loyalty Lion, 66% of consumers will be more loyal to a brand if they build a relationship with them. Nowadays, social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok enable people to interact directly with their favorite brands. And they are doing so throughout the day while they are engaging their friends and interests on social media.

Social media platforms thus provide an effective way to build a FMCG brand’s image and touch their consumers in a way that is engaging and memorable. These photos, videos and other forms of content can also convey a brand’s spirit and values. On social media, people might interact with their brand’s content just as they would a post from a friend by liking, sharing or even commenting on content they enjoy. Thus, creating compelling social media marketing campaigns – through enticing graphics, videos and images – is one key way to attract people to your brand.

This direct interaction between a brand’s online platforms and their customers also provides an effective way to understand consumers. A Capgemini survey found that 45% consumers are more likely to participate in surveys, interviews or online forms that are created by brands directly. That’s because customers tend to trust brands and are more willing to give them personal data. FMCG companies can gain useful insights from gathering and researching the preferences of their consumers and then adjust their product and marketing strategies to their target markets.

Hair Recipe Package Design
Hair Recipe highlights natural ingredients on its packaging design

Hair Recipe KV Design
Hair Recipe KV Design

3. Health and Wellness

The pandemic has brought health and wellness to the forefront of people’s minds. People are much more conscious of the importance of taking care of their mind and body and thus more willing to invest in food, products and services that improve one’s fitness, looks and ability to destress. According to a McKinsey & Company survey across six countries, consumers now define wellness through better health, fitness, nutrition, appearance, sleep and mindfulness. Their survey found that 79 percent of consumers said wellness is important and 42 percent considered it top priority.

FMCG companies can take hold of this new affinity for health and wellness in their packaging design and marketing campaigns. Products can be packaged and marketed to show how they enhance one’s wellbeing and lifestyle. This can include highlighting natural ingredients and using images of nature, ingredients and healthy people in their designs. Ads can describe the health benefits of a product and themes related to self-care.

Highlighting how a product enhances one’s wellbeing is a great way to promote an item. In the McKinsey survey, half of consumers said they wished there were more products and services that helped them be more mindful. In addition to highlighting health benefits, brands can use sentiments like cherishing life’s moments as themes in their marketing campaigns.

Pantene: Love yourself Package
Pantene’s packaging features slogans that resonate with women

4. Values-driven purchases

People want to buy products that resonate with they believe in. These values could include fitness and wellbeing, loving the Earth, loving one’s family and exuding self-confidence. This Pantene slogan “Love Yourself” easily resonates with a broad spectrum of women – moms who need to take better care of themselves and younger women who want to pamper themselves. Packaging designs with slogans like these that resonate with a spirit that people are pursuing in their lives can help FMCG brands connect with consumers. If the aesthetic and theme of a packaging design resonates with a customer more than other brands, they are more likely to purchase it.

Many consumers are environmentally conscious and have a higher esteem for brands who have eco-friendly packaging and products.

Brands can also showcase their love for the Earth through their environmental packaging. These can be paper-based packaging, biodegradable material or reusable boxes. Brands that show they are smart and environmentally savvy make a positive impression on many consumers. An Ipsos survey found that 71% of Americans say they would more likely buy brands that use paper or cardboard in their packaging while 88% said this is because paper is easier to recycle, and 81% said it’s because it’s more in line with today’s expectations.

Connecting with a customers’ core values helps a brand build a deeper bond with them. People who associate themselves with a brand’s values and spirit are likelier to be loyal long-time customers.

Herbal Essences Package Design
Herbal Essences uses eco-friendly paper in its packaging design

FSC Label
FSC Label

5. Brand Experience

Every customer touch point is an opportunity to make an impact on a potential customer. This ranges from social media photos, videos, marketing campaigns and packaging design. When a brand’s content and visual design carries positive themes and values they appreciate, it presents an image that is attractive to one’s customers. A brand is creating a memorable and positive experience for their customer.

FMCG companies can use a slogan to make consumers smile. They can delight with visual design, surprise with creative videos and photos. FMCG marketing campaigns can use POP displays (Points of Sale Materials POSM) to call customers’ attention when they walk down the aisle. When brands give consumers a positive experience through an image, a heartfelt slogan, or a stunning design, it can win their hearts.

Onmichannel marketing can also play a big role in solidifying a brand’s relationship with their customer. When brand messaging, visual designs, and online and in-store experiences are seamlessly integrated, it creates a convenient and friendly user experience for the consumer. With an integration of data customers entered on all a brand’s platforms, they can engage with a brand at any touch point without having to repeatedly input information. Enabling customers to interact real-time with a FMCG brand on multiple channels whenever and however is convenient to them creates a positive brand experience that will make it likelier for them to be a long-term customer.

This digital age has expanded the number of platforms and ways that FMCG companies can connect with their customers. Understanding and mastering these FMCG marketing trends will help brands make the most of these new opportunities to win over consumers.

Pantene I create my miracles Package Design
Pantene I create my miracles Package Design

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