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5 FMCG Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing offers endless opportunities for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies to connect with potential consumers.  Besides relying on just in-store marketing channels such as Point-of-Sale Materials (POSM) and shelf displays, digital marketing offers FMCG companies’ ways to reach their target market online, almost anywhere anytime.

Digital marketing has become very sophisticated and versatile. It offers a variety of effective ways to reach your potential consumers. The following are five forms of digital marketing that FMCG companies can take advantage of.

1)    Content Marketing

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

FMCG companies can attract a specific target audience by providing valuable content those potential customers would enjoy.  When designing content marketing strategy, companies should get into the minds of their target customers. What would that demographic want to read or view? What would pique their interest in your content, product and industry? The content you create should be so useful and interesting that people want to share it on social media and come back for more.

Companies can use compelling photos, slogans, videos, articles, infographics and more to present content that will appeal to their target customers. The content should be informative and create more excitement about their products.

The fresh fruit chain Da Yuan Zi, for example, could provide infographics on the nutrients of the fresh fruit they use in their products. This would attract customers to enjoy fresh fruit and their delicious drinks and desserts. It could also present solutions for the customers such as teaching them how to enable fruit to stay fresh in the refrigerator longer or how to wash fruit effectively. The store could also make videos to show how fresh fruit is planted, farmed, and harvested to show people the farm-to-store journey that makes their products so fresh and delicious.

Oreo Wafer Roll Packaging
Oreo Wafer Roll Packaging

Print or video content should shed new light onto the value of the product and the many ways it can be used. Food companies, for example, can provide recipes and ideas of how to use their product.  These recipes can be presented as a blog, video, or graphic on social media.   A product like Oreos presents recipes on how to use Oreos in a variety of homemade desserts for a wide range of occasions. This attracts moms and other key customers and helps keep a sustaining interest in the iconic cookies.   This useful content will keep consumers going back to your digital channels for more.

2)    Social Media

Social Media (Photo from Adobe Stock)
Social Media (Photo from Adobe Stock)

Digital marketing also includes social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, X and LinkedIn. As your potential customer scrolls through social media, your images can appear to catch their attention. If your content is interesting and valuable, they may even save or share it with friends.

Photography is very important to draw people’s attention on social media. A compelling image and caption will attract consumers to your content. Companies can exhibit what’s special about their products in many ways. They can, for example, show images of the product’s ingredients and educate potential customers about their unique properties.

Social media is a unique form of marketing that is interactive. Companies can ask a question to their potential consumers and encourage people to leave comments. They could also run contests where people who like, comment and share a post could be eligible for a prize. 

Social media marketing extends the reach of content marketing. Social media marketing can include infographics to display interesting data about a product and industry. It can also advertise special sales and promotions. Brands can present their content marketing, such as recipes or other useful content, through videos or posts.  Different social media channels offer a wide variety of ways to promote your brand.

3)    Engaging website


An attractive website can enhance a brand’s image immensely and introduce the viewer to a brand’s world. The banner should grab the viewer’s attention and showcase your brand’s value. The overall design should enhance the brand image through its images, colors, and slogans. 

A company website is also a one-stop shop to educate customers about all the possibilities of your brand and products. It tells your brand story and shows what’s special about the entire product line. The website should also provide shareable content that your customer would want to save and show others.

As you attract your potential customer to your brand, the website should also function as an online store. It offers an easy way for customers to learn about your product line and browse and order items on the spot.

The website should also link to all social media accounts to promote even more engagement with your customer. It can offer special discounts and promotions to those who sign up for e-mails which are another key to connecting long term with your customer.

4)    E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

There are over 4.3 billion e-mail users worldwide, according to Statista, which is about half of the world’s population.  E-mail is the perfect place to connect with customers as it reaches their personal inbox. It’s a close-up connection to a customer.

Customers’ e-mails can be obtained through an invitation on the company website or during in-store and online purchases. Brands can encourage customers to give their e-mail, and perhaps become a member of the brand’s club, through a signup discount. Once a customer is on your mailing list, she can continually be connected to your brand.

E-mail marketing should offer value to your customers. The e-mails can offer special discounts and introduce new products. They can promote and link to the content you’ve created on other platforms such as recipes, instructions, and more. E-mails should also give the customer the option to unsubscribe as a sign of courtesy and respect. You can run any marketing campaign via e-mail marketing. It is cost-effective, easy to track and can provide valuable data for analyzing the success of a marketing campaign.

Shiseido VIP PR Box
Shiseido VIP PR Box

5)    Influencer Marketing

NIVEA Influencer Marketing
NIVEA Influencer Marketing

An influencer is someone who does just that – influence people’s decisions. They can help promote a brand and product.  A great way to promote a product to a target audience is to find someone who is already reaching that audience and partner with them. Influencers don’t need to be celebrities to have an impact. They can be micro or macro influencers in their niche.

Influencers usually are leaders in a specific field and have many followers who want to learn from them. They are people who potential customers like to follow and imitate. These fans may want to learn, for example how to apply makeup the way that influencer does. Cosmetic companies working with them can easily have her pose with, use and share insights about their products.

Influencers can post photos and videos of themselves using a product on Instagram and their personal perspective on why they use that product. They could also give access to their platform so a brand can write a guest post or just promote a product by sharing content.The effectiveness of each influencer and the marketing campaign is also very easy to track through promo codes.

The digital world offers endless possibilities for FMCG brands to reach their customers. It enables companies to reach a large audience at a low cost compared to traditional advertising and enables brands to spread a variety of compelling content across the digital sphere.


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