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Key Visual Design - Attract Shoppers to your Brand

Key Visual - New Pantene Hair Products
Key Visual - New Pantene Hair Products

One of the most important designs for a marketing campaign is the key visual (KV). What’s a key visual? It’s the core design motif that expresses the brand’s identity and the message of a marketing campaign. This key visual can include an image, a theme, as well specific colors, font and feel.

Brand Guidelines

Key visual design elements are all born from the brand’s visual identity as delineated in the brand guidelines. These guidelines detail how to express the brand spirit visually and have specific rules on how design elements are to be used. This includes the exact hues of brand colors as well as its font, logo, and other images.

Marketing campaigns may often promote a unique message or seasonal event. Designers take the brand’s visual identity outlined in the guidelines and combine it with the campaign’s theme to create a key visual for the season.

Inspiration for Key Visuals

How does one create a key visual? The design in Pantene’s campaign used an intriguing quality in the new product: an all-day extreme conditioner. It focused on the “all-day” function of the conditioner to develop a design motif: the hourglass. The pink and gold colors and ribbons were also elements woven in the overall design.

The hourglass symbolizes the passing of time. The beautiful lines and colors of the hourglass fit the brand’s feminine identity. The unique image suggests the concept of the passing of time while this new product is working on conditioning one’s hair.

Key Visual - Pantene 3D Center Design
Key Visual - Pantene 3D Center Design

Key Visuals Display Brand Spirit

The key visual is the heart of a marketing campaign. It conveys the brand spirit and draws in customers with an attractive image. The message must be clear and shown through images, words, and colors. Pink and gold express femininity and elegance while the hourglass conveys a fascinating function of this new hair care product.

Once a designer has created your key visual, it can be used throughout all your marketing designs and various media channels. It should be the key visual element in materials such as POSM, shelving trays, posters, packaging, and other marketing displays.

Key Visual - Pantene Shelving Tray Design
Key Visual - Pantene Shelving Tray Design

The hourglass motif was created by Paradise Design and is also used in Pantene’s 3D center and shelving tray designs.

Paradise Design has designed key visuals for global clients for 20 years and is available to work with clients around the world. Paradise can help you create great design for your client’s needs. For a free marketing consultation, please contact or click on the box below.

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