1. Do you provide both design and production services?

Yes. We offer design and/or post-production services across different regions.

2. What is the design timeline?
Depending on the scope, type and complexity of the project, the time required to complete a design can take from a single week to several months. Please feel free to contact us for free advice on your project schedule.


3. What information and files should I include in my brief?
It is recommended that the following information be provided:

  • Marketing Strategybackground, target audience, goals and objectives

  • Brand Equity(if available):brand guideline, working files of key elements

  • Design content:design items, retail store guideline

  • Look and feel:design direction, reference images

  • Timeline:estimate time for design and production, launch date

  • Others:other special requests

4. What design services are available?

Our services include but are not limited to packaging design, POSM design, digital and social media design, CI design and event and space design. For other design requests, please do not hesitate to contact us via amy@paradise-design.com.tw.

5. Can the design proposal be modified? Will there be an additional charge for the modification?

Yes, our design fee usually includes 3-5 revision times. An extra charge will be made for revisions over the limit.

6. What is the project process?

Phase 1: Design consultation and brief

Phase 2: Project planning and quotation confirmation

Phase 3: Design proposal and revision
Phase 4: Design confirmation
Phase 5: Provision of final artwork
Phase 6: Post-production (if necessary)
Phase 7: Project closure and billing and payment

7. If I am not sure and want to discuss the design idea and direction, will I be charged a consultation fee?

We are glad to discuss and provide you with free professional advice on the design direction.

8. What is the estimated cost for a design?

We welcome you to contact us at any time to discuss price options according to your design needs.

9. I am an overseas client and would like to expand my business in the Greater China region with the help of a local design agency. What are the steps to working with your company?

We have been deeply involved in FMCG marketing activities and familiar with the retail environment of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our services span across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and are committed to assisting our clients to communicate their brand advantages in the Greater China region. If you are overseas, please feel free to email us with your initial project background and design needs. Our dedicated project manager who is fluent in Chinese and English will arrange a suitable schedule and estimate cost for your project after further discussion.

In the next step, our designers will produce different design solutions through first-hand information provided by you, as well as brand, market, and competitive research. In the meanwhile, our project manager will make sure of the design quality and its implementation.