Pampers Baby Expo Design

Incorporate Brand Concept into a Well Functioning Space

Pampers Baby Expo Design | Paradise Design 沛綠地設計

Task requirement

  • Eye catching and look out standing on the first row in expo site.

  • Maximizing the brand equity and perfectly utilize the limited space.

  • Flow of the tour should be fluently and could fulfill the need of  5 different functions:

  • Membership recruiting

  • Selling area

  • Demo area

  • Warehouse

  • Education messages  

Process / solution

  • 3D logo with lighting and large proportion of brand equity color to draw attention from afar.   

  • Warehouse space limited and place in the center to utilize the walls to enlarge the education informations.

  • For each functions, we simulate the tour flow to arrange the space of each sections to create a harmonious and wholistic structure.

Pamperps Baby Expo 3D Wireframe
Pampers Baby Expo Enterence
Pampers Baby Expo Overall
Pampers Baby Expo Product Display
Pampers Baby Expo
Pampers Baby Expo
Pampers Baby Expo