Display Upgrade

Product Efficacy Innovation

POSM設計 HadaLabo Display Upgrade | Paradise Design 沛綠地設計

Design goals:

  • Display upgraded edition of HadaLabo HK hero product 

  • Problem: POSM often is 2D layout design which is too flat

  • Solution: POSM needs to be 3D and eye-catching, but simple

  • Design goal: Emphasize product efficacy

  • Design elements provided by client: KV, product efficacy content

POSM Design HadaLabo Key Visual
POSM Design  HadaLabo Product Benefit | Paradise Design

Process / Solution

  • Display the hero product by designing a big dummy for the header to catch shoppers' attention

  • Educate shoppers about the efficacy of the products through a simple eye-catching display of the theory behind the ingredients

POSM Design Hadaleb G.E Design
POSM Design Hadaleb G.E Design
POSM Design Hadalebo Sasa Dumpbin
POSM Design Hadalebo Man Half G.E
POSM Design Hadalebo Deco Element
POSM Design Hadalebo Deco Element - Lighting