Reaching a new market

Stupid Chicken was called Stupid Tasty Chicken. It is popular among housewives at local markets in Taipei. In recent years, the single population has increased and white collar workers have also begun to shop in local markets. Stupid Chicken wants to reach this potential consumer market. As the 20th anniversary approached, Stupid Chicken wanted to bring new brand visuals to expand its brand awareness among this younger demographic.

Creating a new logo

We wanted the new logo to be an innovative version of the original logo, which is known among customers. We used a simple print style for Mr. Stupid to convey a spirit of craftsmanship and a sense of trustworthiness. This timeless style serves to connect the memories and tastes of different generations.

Since Stupid Chicken is a local brand, we wanted to display Taiwanese culture through the logo's design. Mr. Stupid wears a shirt with an apron and headscarf, representing the refreshing sincerity of a Taiwanese chef. The chicken that Mr. Stupid holds represents his enthusiasm and readiness to serve customers.

all sketch.jpg
all logo.jpg

Design Items

  • Logo & VI

  • Shop Sign

  • Uniform & Hat

  • Sticker

shop sign.jpg